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小编注:在Win7 x64位下无压力测试通过。[Quarks PwDump]Hash dump神器 [Quarks PwDump]Hash dump神器0 / INTRO

=========Quarks PwDump 是一个Win32环境下的系统授权信息导出工具,目前除此之外没有任何一款工具可以导出如此全面的信息,支持这么多的OS版本,且相当稳定。它目前可以导出 :- Local accounts NT/LM hashes + history 本机NT/LM哈希+历史登录记录 – Domain accounts NT/LM hashes + history 域中的NT/LM哈希+历史登录记录 – Cached domain password 缓存中的域管理密码 – Bitlocker recovery information (recovery passwords & key packages) 使用Bitlocker的恢复后遗留的信息支持的操作系统 : XP/2003/Vista/7/2008/81 / USAGE

Here it is how you can use Quarks PWDump:

quarks-pwdump.exe <option(s)> <NTDS file>
Options :
–dump-hash-domain (NTDS_FILE must be specified)
–dump-bitlocker (NTDS_FILE must be specified)
–with-history (optional)
–output-type JOHN/LC (optional, if no=>JOHN)
–output FILE (optional, if no=>stdout)

Dump options must be user all at once.
In all cases, the tool must be executed on the targeted operating system.

Some command examples:

- Dump domain hashes from NTDS.dit with its history
#quarks-pwdump.exe –dump-hash-domain –with-history

- Dump local account hashes to LC format
#quarks-pwdump.exe –dump-hash-local –output-type LC

- Dump domain hashes from NTDS.dit with its history
#quarks-pwdump.exe –dump-bitlocker –output c:\bitlocker.txt c:\ntds.dit

All features require administrator privileges.点击下载

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