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智能手机渗透测试框架(Smartphone penetration testing framework)是一个用于检测手机安全问题的开源工具。我们(开发小组)将在这个框架中提供包括信息收集、漏洞利用、社会工程学、渗透的功能,同时我们将会提供命令行接口、图形化界面和一个智能手机应用客户端程序。

SPF  Version 0.1将基于一个Perl管理console,一个GUI web和一个Android APP的管理端:

1.SPF Console: The console is a text based Perl program that allows Smartphone Pentest Framework users to perform all the server functionality of SPF.
2.SPF Web based GUI: The GUI is a web based front end for SPF that allows users to perform all the server functionality. It is a set of Perl based webpages.
3.SPF Android App: The SPF Android App allows users to use the mobile modem of the Android smartphone with SPF to send SMS messages, gather information, etc. Users can also perform server functionality directly from Android smartphones using this  application.
4.SPF Android Agent: The SPF Android Agent is one of Smartphone Pentest Framework’s post exploitation options. It is transparent to the user and allows SPF users to perform post exploitation tasks such as privilege escalation, information gathering, and remote control on Android phones with the agent installed. Agents for iPhone and Blackberry platforms are currently in development.




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